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Need music for your game or project?

No problem!

 Burning Planet Music has been a music composer team since 2015 and we have composed and produced music for several games, films and brands. 

Music is an integral part of the full gaming experience. The way we look at it is that the music should enhance and complement the visuals of the game.  

We work closely with the developer(s) to find  a unique sound and vibe for the game. It can be interactive music (delivered as individual stems) or  a traditional soundtrack (delivered as stereo tracks). 


The style can be anything from chiptune music to Heavy Metal or a full blown orchestral score. It's all music, and we love it all!


We  can offer our musical services as a stand-alone-service  or as a full-solution-package along with the publishing and marketing of your game.

Please get in touch, tell us about your musical vision, and we will compose a 30 second demo for your project for free. No strings attached!


Full playlists and more videos
on YouTube:

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Yono and the Celestial Elephants OST

Sling Ming OST

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