Music for Games, Films & Trailers

We are a music composer/producer team based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Music has a unique and important role in today’s games and films.

The visuals and sounds should come together to create one cohesive experience. This requires close communication with the game developer or the filmmaker, as well as a great understanding of music production and how music can enhance the game/film. 

We compose music in all genres and deliver the final product as either loopable stems, used in interactive audio engines, or as regular stereo tracks.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project and visions and we will compose a 30-60 second demo of original music for you, free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you!

/ Max, Karl & Joel


YONO and the Celestial Elephants
(Nintendo Switch)

Yono and the Celestial Elephant is a grand adventure featuring carefully designed puzzles, treasure hunts, combat and a world full of people!

Burning Planet composed the original soundtrack for the game.


Sling Ming
(Nintendo Switch)

Hook up to the Oxylane, a transit system that lets you fly through the air, swing around corners and defy gravity. Embark on an intergalactic adventure, solve physics-based puzzles and save your kingdom from the never-ending earthquakes! 

Burning Planet composed the original soundtrack for the game.


Walking Dead

Burning Planet had the honor of composing the theme song for Walking Dead for the book publisher Apart.

Apart is responsible for the Swedish release and distribution of the Walking Dead comic books.


The Space Apart  (Film)

Edward and his brother William make a discovery in 1947, which will change their lives forever.

This is the first chapter of The Space Apart - series.

Burning Planet composed the original music for the film.


Non-Violence (Short film)

Burning Planet  composed the original music and sound design for a short film titled "The Non-Violence Project".

The film was voted number 3 by a professional jury in the Swedish magazine Resumé. A leading magazine that features articles about mass media and marketing communications.


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